"There is no pravda in isvestiya, and no isvestiya in pravda."

Let us ponder the fruits of freedom! How proud we are in the West; our cause has triumphed. The International Socialist dream of a world undivided by national boundaries, ethnic hatred, religious bigotry and class conflict now rests in Lenin's dustbin. The artificial creation called "Yugoslavia" has been dissolved into its constituent parts. Now Slovenes, Croats, Muslims, Serbs, Albanians and Macedonians are free: free to form ever more narrowly defined groups whose histories lead them to glorious deaths. The Soviet Union is no more: Tartars, Kirgiz, Uzbeks, Russians, Chechens, Ukranians, Georgians, Azeris, Armenians, all are free to hate, to slaughter, to rebuild the body of their culture with the joys of the West: avarice, envy, and license. All over the newly liberated parts of our world, addicts are free to besot themselves and to spread AIDS among their friends and families. Old people, unencumbered by the Socialist nightmare of a guaranteed pension, are now free to sweep the streets and sell Chinese-made socks by the curbside. Everywhere East of the old Iron Curtain, the apparatchiks are gone, their place of power given at last to the truly deserving: the captains of industry. We gaze with satisfaction toward a shining future when all peoples are free to slaughter one another; when all religious faiths may openly declare the perfidy and falsehood of all other faiths; when all workers are free to labor for the enrichment of their betters; when all capitalists are free to employ any device to increase their share of the Earth's resources; and when even the poorest, least nourished nine-year-old Pakistani child has the right to weave rugs for sixteen hours a day in return for a bowl of rice.

Let us therefore rejoice in our victory, and be ever watchful lest the odious values of Brotherhood and Equality embodied in the defeated ideal of International Socialism rise again to threaten our precious freedom.

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